Meet the CEOs


Steve and Kathy Shubin

The private company, owned and operated by Steven Shubin and his wife Kathy Shubin, was started after they experienced complications with pregnancy. Their doctor advised not to have sexual intercourse, so Steve decided to find a substitute. When Mr. Shubin went to look for a male pleasure product, there was nothing but ugly, poorly made products on the market. Fleshlight aimed to establish itself as the gentlemen’s product.

As a former police officer, Mr. Shubin saw a lot of sexual abuse and domestic violence on the job. Fleshlight brand products became his contribution to tempering the male sex drive.

In less than two decades, Mr. and Mrs. Shubin’s male pleasure products company have sold an incredible seven million units with no signs of slowing down. Interactive Life Forms contributes the momentum to robust and innovative marketing campaigns, great employees, forward-thinking design, and the willingness to embrace new technology.

Speaking about Steve Shubin, Alec Helmy, founder and president of Xbiz said, “Steve Shubin exemplifies a visionary innovator. The way he has transformed Fleshlight from a niche operation into a national sensation is nothing short of remarkable.”

Steve and Kathy Shubin are involved in all day-to-day operations at Interactive Life Forms.